YouTube’s spot the reference campaign

What a better way to say goodbye to 2013 with a video called “YouTube Rewind: What 2013 Say?” that recaps the best and most popular moments of the year? YouTube, the famous video-sharing platform, has had the bright idea of mashing up in a video the most talked about moments of 2013. How? They make fun…

Christmas ads and Emotional Engagement

Christmas is always a good occasion for brands to raise awareness with spots, video on the Internet, articles in magazines, outdoor billboards, events… Starting from November, brands try their best to make people closer with hilarious, tender, emotional advertisements in order to create a benevolent image in the eyes of the consumers and create a…

illy concept store

When it comes to customer experience nothing should be taken for granted if your brand wants to be memorable. To do so, it’s pivotal to understands what your customers’ need, meaning that you need to listen to them through any available touch point. Well, I have spotted

A wind of change for Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus alias Hannah Montana has undertaken a re-branding operation that has animated the life of many after her “twerking” performance at the MTV Video Music Awards. Her show shocked not just spectators but the entire star system used to associate her image to the pure teenager of Disney Channel.