About the author

Hello everybody,

if you came here you are probably curious to know who I am and what’s the purpose of this blog.

Well…it’s pretty simple: I am a marketing passionate, not fanatic. I simply enjoy discovering new marketing stuffs and being up-to-date on new trends.  The purpose of this blog is writing about marketing. Why? My story started some years ago, when while studying for a marketing exam at the university (I studied Foreign Languages for the International Management) I realised that I wanted to be like those people who create amazing campaigns for the joy of their audience. Make people smile while watching a commercial, read a tagline, or open an email that’s exactly the kind of feeling I would like people to generate.

I hope with this blog I will pursue in part that goal with informative, engaging, and  sometimes funny posts on marketing topics of course!!!! 🙂

If you want to know a bit more about me as a person, I come from Matera, a small town in the south of Italy where sun shines and food is not just amazing, but a lot more 🙂 After high school, I packed my luggage with dreams and desires and moved to Milan, where I studied and graduated in foreign languages, and where I learned to be organised, precise, and always in a hurry with no reason.

For my passion, marketing, I moved to London to attend a Master. I spent one fantastic year in London studying, and afterwards interning for one of the best department stores in town: Liberty London. A very useful experience that will remain impressed in my heart.

Back to Milan, I started another internship, and then, finally, I got a job as Content Manager for almost 2 years….this experience probably made me understand that I wanted to open a blog (I have just realised it…nothing in life happens for no reason).

Now, I am back in London, to pursue my professional dream…I am working on it, in the meantime, I gather my thoughts and considerations in posts that, I hope, can be engaging and make you smile sometimes.

I hope you can enjoy this ride with me, and I will try my best to make you return!!!!

A big hug,



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