Facebook ad: thoughts and considerations

Traditional media are still having an impact on our lives, often without us even being aware of it. A recent ad by Facebook conveyed through ATL (Above the Line) channels such as posters and commercials on TV proves, in fact, that traditional media are still influencing our choices. If it’s the first social network to add classic media to its communication equation we have to believe it.

The message of this ad is quite clear, the social network is a place where we share our lives with friends, or where ultimately we make new friends. It is a place were probably the real side of us comes out as our guard nowadays is not that high anymore. It is, in fact, common to read about the minute per minute day of our friends. How long they run, where they enjoyed their dinner or lunch, and pictures of plates, new recipes made at home, and so on… This is not anymore something that surprise us. It is the normality.

Of course Facebook, the big brother, has taken advantage of us sharing all these personal info. How? Allowing businesses to advertise on the social platform to reach their target audience. (to dig into how Facebook algoritm works and the advertising possibilities with FB check my post on How Facebook News Feed revolution affects strategies and engagement). Who can blame Facebook for it?

Nevertheless, there should be cases/situations in which cookies should be disabled to guarantee users privacy to avoid the so called #epicfails. One of these has recently happened in Australia, where a middle aged man after being diagnosed with a cancer and after starting to make researches online about his illness, started to get insensitive ads for funeral directors on his Facebook ( see the full article here).

The downside of technology is the disruption it may cause. This said, I invite you to carefully consider the implications of sharing your private moments online and to use Facebook for the scope of stay in contact with your friends having the full control of this tool.


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