WW1centenary commemorations Rightmove campaign

Marketing is not all about making people smile, but also make them reflect and think.

To this end, today, I want to talk about the World War 1 centenary commemoration, an event so heart-felt by British people that brands have shown their partecipation and closeness to it.

One of the best example, that left myself speechless was the “Then + Now” campaign by Rightmove, one of the most famous websites in the UK where looking for properties to rent or buy. This campaign, is built around a microsite where simply moving the cursor back and fort you can see images of places in England as they were in 1914 during the war, and how they look now. Simply shocking, I assure you! It’s like a jump in the past.Rightmove "Now and Then" campaign

As you can see from the picture above, Rightmove managed to use the power of images to instantly get the message across to their audience. Very clever! Nothing can be more immediate than a picture.

Have you noticed other nice or effective marketing campaigns for WW1 Century Commemoration?

I would like to end this post with a video by BBC about the “Lights Out” commemoration event that took place here in London:

Lights Out centenary commemorations


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