Christmas ads and Emotional Engagement

Christmas is always a good occasion for brands to raise awareness with spots, video on the Internet, articles in magazines, outdoor billboards, events… Starting from November, brands try their best to make people closer with hilarious, tender, emotional advertisements in order to create a benevolent image in the eyes of the consumers and create a certain positioning in their minds. As consumer myself, I have been exposed to many of them and I have selected for you the ones that have not left me emotionless: 1) The M&S Christmas TV advert 2013 The M&S Christmas TV Advert This spot allows spectators to fully immerse into the Christmas atmosphere through a number of well known fairy tales that draw the unaware attention of the audience on M&S products. From Alice in Wonderland to Little Red Riding Hood, from Aladdin to the Wizard of Oz M&S uses the power of storytelling to entice interest and bring us back to our childhood. Every fable is cleverly transformed to move with the times to communicate the modernity of the brand itself. 2) Harvey Nichols Christmas 2013 advert – Sorry, I Spent It On Myself Harvey Nichols Christmas Advert 2013 The hilarious commercial remarks the sense of humour of Harvey Nichols. The message behind it is ” while you buy a present for a loved person, why don’t you treat yourself with a something too?”. I personally love it!!! 3) Apple Holiday TV Advert Apple Holiday TV Advert 2013 This is a very emotional commercial. The icy world of technology seems able to reconnect young people with adults with a few simple images dense of emotions that tell the story of a family. All this is possible with the help of an iPhone, what a better way to explain the characteristics of this superb mobile device? Which of the three commercial do you like most? Have you other examples of Christmas commercials that haven’t left you emotionless? Tell me about it.


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