illy concept store

illy concept store London

When it comes to customer experience nothing should be taken for granted if your brand wants to be memorable.

To do so, it’s pivotal to understands what your customers’ need, meaning that you need to listen to them through any available touch point.

Well, I have spotted all these ingredients in a illy concept store in London called “Espressamente illy” (also its name is not randomly chosen).
Since I entered the store until I left, I felt welcomed and cuddled.

I am not just talking about the amazing taste of the food, or of the kindness of the personnel. Every detail of the store arrangement describes illy’s brand identity. That gives customers the possibility of a pleasant shopping experience at an emotional and sensory level. The design of the store itself is simple, cozy, but with a sense of refinement. The furniture, inevitably recalls to the Italian style with a hint of high-tech given by tablets placed on some of the desks (see “tablet detail” in picture).

What made me say “wow” was a colourful decoration made of small coffee cups placed on steel concentric circular frames (see “small cups decoration” in picture) hanging from the ceiling. Watching it, the link to Italy is immediate. Espresso coffee stands for Italy, its culture, and its values. Hence, what a better symbol than small coffee cups to make people breath the Italian character of illy? 

Furthermore, while sipping my illy coffee, I was surprised by the message on my sugar sachet that read “live happilly…that’s clever, and made me smile again!!!!




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