Save your #L1F3 campaign for Europe Assistance

L1F3 campaign for Europe Assistance

In a sunny day of october, the passers by of Milan down town have assisted to an apocalyptic scene. In fact, Via Mercanti, a  famous street a few passes by the Dom has been the stage of the Submarine #L1F3 that emerged unexpectedly through the pavement. After an initial dismay of many, it has been evident that the surreal situation was a well confectioned publicity stunt of Saatchi & Saatchi Milan for Europe Assistance the Insurance company part of the Generali Group. 

I would say, a well orchestrated Guerrilla Marketing Campaign that has completely conveyed the message of the brand unexpected situations can happen…save your #L1F3!

It is an amazing example of how so effectively the brand message catch consumers off their guard trying to engage them. Consumers themselves enter the brand world for a few minutes, discovering its values and characteristics to whom they can decide to adhere or not simply switching off that communication.

What do you think?


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