A bit of #humour


In a historical moment in which young people strive to find a job, creativity seems to be a viable way to go through in order to face this bad situation. The below VIDEO is a commercial realised by Pepsi that, in a few minutes, depict ironically a typical lounge where potential job candidates are waiting their turn for being interviewed…but something unexpected is going to happen…

I find this video hilarious, but positive at the same time because what I read between the line is a “hope message” that invites us not to give up. Who knows if at one of your next interviews you will start thinking at this video?ahahaha.

This is an interview situation seen ironically by the angle of the interviewee, but what if the situation is reversed and the candidate is being pranked? Let’s see this second VIDEO by Heineken:

This video is part of a campaign ideated by Heineken in collaboration with Publicis agency to identify the right candidate among a very high number of applications received. For the surrealistic situations that the potential candidates have to face, the video has gone viral. The surprising thing to me has been discover how a multinational company, with strict policies and procedures, get in the game to find the right candidate with an unusual interview process that put also the most resolute person on probation. From now on I will look at Heineken under a totally better nuanced light. And you? What do you think?


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